Lesson from Lebron

When Lebron went back to Cleveland, he had to go back to the place where he was Public Enemy #1. They had burned his jersey. Get this, you may have to go back to the place you are hated in order to accomplish your purpose.

´╗┐2016 NBA Finals Revelation┬á

NBA Finals Revelation: Lebron James’ ultimate goal was to win a championship for the city of Cleveland. He was in Cleveland for seven years and did not win a championship. Instead of staying and continuing to pursue his purpose, he left and went to Miami for four years where he won two championships. Then he goes back to Cleveland because he realizes that bringing a championship to Cleveland is still his purpose. Last year they were beat in the Finals by the Warriors. Forward to this year, where he had to go against his same opposition from last year. When the odds were against them being down 3-1, he never lost hope in his purpose. Now the revelation: There are some of us who have a purpose in our lives and after a while when things look like it will never manifest, we decide to jump ship and go our own path that seems easier. That will not fulfill you and you have to go back to your original plan. You may have to go against the same opposition that defeated you in the past, but if you keep the faith, you will ultimately be victorious!

The Squirrel

On my way to work this morning, I was driving behind a large truck when all of a sudden, the driver applied his brakes and swerved to the side. I was waiting to see what was in the road, when a squirrel comes out the other side and crosses the road. Before I could think to be mad at the truck driver, (that a little squirrel is going to cause a wreck) what dropped in my spirit was that we should be like that squirrel…Fearless of big things approaching us. We should be able to make the enemy stop in his tracks while we are advancing God’s Kingdom. When you are facing something that seems bigger than you, keep walking in faith and praying and watch what happens.