Complacency is the enemy to your purpose. Where you are now is not where you are destined to be. Although you know that you are called to a higher level, you’ve accepted staying grounded. 
Your emotional, mental and spiritual baggage that you are carrying is over the weight limit and instead of getting rid of the baggage, you would rather pay the penalty fee to keep it. You knew before you started on your way, that there is a limit to how much baggage you can carry.

When your baggage is too heavy, you can not move through your process easily or quickly. You hold up others behind you on their journey. Now their destination is delayed because of your disobedience. Flights are being missed and delayed because of you. 

Decide today to unpack those things that are not essential for your journey. Some of the stuff in your baggage needs to be destroyed. When you are not being promoted in the natural, look at what is holding you back in the spiritual realm. 

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