Fly Free

When you are about to fly and have to check your luggage in at the airport, your BAGGAGE is checked to make sure it is under the allowed weight limit. If it is overweight, you have to pay extra fees. Here’s your choice: you can risk losing riches to carry extra weight or you can choose to throw away those things that are weighing you down. Some of us are grounded in our spiritual journey and/or relationships because we are not preparing ourselves to be ready for flight. Let that extra baggage go. Whoever/Whatever hurt you does not belong on your flight. Past failures and disappointments do not belong on your flight. 

Take Flight

Complacency is the enemy to your purpose. Where you are now is not where you are destined to be. Although you know that you are called to a higher level, you’ve accepted staying grounded. 
Your emotional, mental and spiritual baggage that you are carrying is over the weight limit and instead of getting rid of the baggage, you would rather pay the penalty fee to keep it. You knew before you started on your way, that there is a limit to how much baggage you can carry.

When your baggage is too heavy, you can not move through your process easily or quickly. You hold up others behind you on their journey. Now their destination is delayed because of your disobedience. Flights are being missed and delayed because of you. 

Decide today to unpack those things that are not essential for your journey. Some of the stuff in your baggage needs to be destroyed. When you are not being promoted in the natural, look at what is holding you back in the spiritual realm. 


This morning as I was driving on my morning commute, I ran into a brief patch of fog. Although it was daylight, I had to turn my lights on my vehicle to On so that I could see as well as others could see me as I drove through the fog. What a reminder that as we are on our journey, sometimes things get foggy in front of us suddenly and we have to make sure our LIGHT is shining so that we as well as others can see Christ through the fog.

#Hashtag I am not

I refuse to live my life as a hashtag.  My life was created to be a dash.  The direction on the lines on a hashtag (#) are up and down and they cross each other in the middle. I find that not fulfilling and confusing. I’m not getting boxed in during the middle of my life.

Like the dash (-), my life is a continual flow from birth to death. I can’t let circumstances of the world change my journey. I will press forward.

Don’t create a hashtag for my life where I’ll be a trending topic to be forgotten later once the next movement comes along. The hashtags are piling up along with anger that will be here long after I’m gone. I want my life to be a legacy where my D.A.S.H. represents: Done All I Should Have and  Didn’t Allow Sorry to Happen.


Reserved Seat

You gave me an open invitation to sit with you at Life’s dinner party, but fortunately I’m declining your offer. Your table is crowded with negativity sitting at the head. You have jealousy, misery and unforgiveness to the right. Then there’s fear, doubt and lies seated on the left. So you can go ahead, sit down and partake of their dishes. 

You see, I already have a VIP spot at the table with happiness, faith, positivity, truth and joy. The aroma of what we are served is intoxicating and addictive. 

What you are being served is not fulfilling. It leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth. I can’t digest all that junk. When you get tired of getting full off mess, feel free to switch tables.  

Race On

In this race called Life, Yesterday ran its part and handed the baton over to Today. Now it’s time for you to do something that will move you forward before Today passes the baton to Tomorrow. Think positive, encourage yourself and others, get out and walk, go into that interview saying that position is yours, etc. Whatever you do, keep moving along. If you drop the baton; stay in your lane, pick it up and continue your race.


You can’t move forward because of the chains binding you. They are keeping you from finishing your race. These chains hold you back from having great relationships. These chains have kept you from living your life to your fullest potential. If those chains were removed, you could follow your dreams. You see, you are refusing to acknowledge that you have the key to unlock those chains around you. You have yet to realize that no one has the power to limit your possibilities. You are more comfortable making excuses of why things won’t work for you than you are in using the strength given to you by your ancestors.

So continue to live your life shackled by the chains you placed on yourself. Continue to get high off of your insecurities. Just don’t sit in the way of those who have unlocked the chains that once held them back.


When a vehicle is out of alignment, it will not drive straight without the drivermaking adjustments to the wheel. The vehicle has to be taken in to a mechanic to put it back into alignment.

 That’s how we are as well in our lives when some things are knocked out of place. We may have hit a pothole in the road or run up on a curb in our life trying to watch someone else’s journey.

 Think about the moment you lost faith and started veering off course. You need to go to the Almighty Mechanic and let Him realign you.  You may have to get rid of some things that are keeping you from balancing like selfishness, bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred, jealousy, etc. Whatever you need to do….get back straight on your path. 


It’s the midst of the NBA trade season and athletes are leaving teams for an opportunity to play with another team. There are different reasons that athletes get traded or test the waters of free agency. 

An athlete may be traded because they have proven themself and their stock has risen. They can get more money with another team possibly. 

They may feel like they have a better opportunity to win a championship with another team. They may be the missing puzzle to a winning team. 

They may have bad chemistry with the team or the front office. It then becomes a matter of making everyone happier with them being gone. 

Whatever the reason for a trade, a player has to have something to bring to the court. My question to you is this….Are you tradeworthy? Do you bring something to others’ lives in a way where once you’ve been a blessing to them, someone else will need you in their life? 

Hornets’ Nest

If you see a hornet’s nest on your house and a hornet stings you, will you leave the nest there for the possibility of being stung again? No, you’ll destroy the nest. The sting will hurt initially, but the pain will eventually go away. That’s the same way we should handle unforgiveness. If someone hurts you, the initial sting will hurt, but forgiving them will destroy the possibility of it continuing to hurt you.